Welcome to the webpage for (preliminary drafts of) the second edition of forthcoming text

Numerical Renaissance: simulation, optimization, & control

A draft of the "first edition" of this text, from a couple of years ago is available here: NR.pdf.
See also: the github repository of the codebase associated with Numerical Renaissance.

I am currently hard at work on a companion text, Renaissance Robotics: embedding multithreaded real-time feedback into mobile robots and cyber-physical systems (at the undergraduate level, strongly motivated by the development and deployment of advance robotic systems). That text will extract a handful of chapters from the present text, which was frankly just getting too big/scary. Once I am finished with Renaissance Robotics, I will streamline and finish Numerical Renaissance with what remains (at the graduate level, more focused on the formulation and analysis of effective numerical methods).

More information will be posted here as we approach publication of both texts. Stay tuned! :)
take care,
Thomas Bewley (tbewley@ucsd.edu)

Chapter 1: Notation and definitions (code)
Chapter 2: Direct solution of Ax=b. A=LU, A=QR (code)
Chapter 3: Iterative solution methods (code)
Chapter 4: Linear algebra (code)
Chapter 5: Spectral methods, fast transforms, and the Dirac delta (code, hardware)
Chapter 6: Statistical representations (code)
Chapter 7: Data manipulation: sorting, interpolation, & compression (code)

Chapter 8: Differentiation (code)
Chapter 9: Integration of functions (code)
Chapter 10: Ordinary differential equations (code)
Chapter 11: Partial differential equations (code)
Chapter 12: High performance computing (code)
Chapter 13: Case study: turbulence simulation (code)

Chapter 14: Linear programming (code)
Chapter 15: Derivative-free minimization (code)
Chapter 16: Derivative-based minimization (code)

Chapter 17: Linear systems: state-space methods (code)
Chapter 18: State-space & model predictive control design (code)
Chapter 19: State estimation & adaptive observation (code)

Appendix A: Programming: a brief introduction (code)
Appendix B: Assorted mathematical foundations (code)